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Growing Up Grace: Text me – – The Express Times

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Text4baby alerts can assistance first-time parents.

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Text4baby is a giveaway use that sends 3 texts any week from pregnancy by baby’s initial birthday on safety, health and critical milestones.

As a new mom, we adhere to any fragment of certainty we find.

Hearing a word “it’s a healthy instinct” tossed around so mostly during pregnancy creates any profound lady consider that after 9 months, boom! You’re now a certified, bona fide talent when it comes to child rearing.


I had a million questions. we constantly worry if I’m doing a right thing, during a right time, in a right way.

I don’t wish to be ideal by any widen of a imagination. I’m usually inept by a whinging fear that I’m screwing something up.

A few weeks after we got home from a sanatorium with a small bundle, we started to go by a towering of papers that was sent with us.

I beheld a flyer from a Pennsylvania Department of Health about a Text4baby service. Get 3 texts a week on baby’s health, immunizations and critical milestones — all for free, it proclaimed.

I’d routinely toss a thing. But something done me give it a go.

You block in your child’s birth date (or due date if we start subscribing when you’re pregnant) and it sends we tips formed on their age — child-proofing your residence when they get mobile, good initial dishes for when those chompers come in, etc.

It was a godsend.

Some weeks it suggested age-appropriate games and training activities. Other times it frightened a crap out of me by revelation me that domicile plants could be poisonous if baby nibbled them.

Rachel Griffith, communications manager for Text4baby (based in Alexandria, Va.), says I’m one of 670,000 women who have sealed adult given a module launched in Feb 2010.

The plan is a public-private partnership by 1,100 partners. It’s run by a nonprofit National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition, with Voxiva, The Wireless Foundation and Grey Healthcare Group and initial unite Johnson Johnson. They’ve hatched an agreement with dungeon phone carriers to send a texts for free.

In Pennsylvania, a state health dialect takes caring of publicizing a service. Doctors, hospitals and clinics are speedy to widespread it by word of mouth, too. In New Jersey, a New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Education handles a outreach.

Griffith says a U.S. has one of a top tot mankind rates among any industrialized nation. Text4Baby was a approach to fight a statistics, a nomination that boils down to a miss of information and health services, she says.


Participants can get 267 texts, on normal 3 a week, sent from a impulse we find out you’re profound until baby turns 1. It sum prenatal health, labor signs, postpartum basin and other questions that we usually ever consider of during 3 a.m.

The calm use is accessible for giveaway to anyone. Grandparents and comparison siblings can pointer adult to get customized information. A height for dads launched final June.

The use groups users by zip code, so that when Hurricane Sandy struck, influenced families got targeted updates on refrigerated food safety, Griffith says. A influenza shot sign and giveaway banking was accessible in a fall. The use also sum low-cost health word options and giveaway appointment reminders.

Even after a initial birthday, relatives will still get remember and reserve notifications when they’re available. The module runs by all 50 states, Puerto Rico and a Virgin Islands. Russia and India are piloting identical programs, though they’re unaffiliated, Griffith says. It’s accessible in Spanish and English.

Griffith says calm goes by a severe examination routine and gets submit from a American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and a Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN).

That’s an alphabet soup approach of observant it’s not a pointless Joe Schmoe promulgation out texts.

They combined enhancements recently so women can calm “MORE” for information on a specific subject and combined mobile pages to offer videos and tips. The automobile chair reserve section, for example, has links to internal glow departments for relatives to get their seats checked, Griffith says.

Griffith says they found that calm messaging is a many renouned form of communication for their aim groups of immature mothers and low income families, with 92 percent of Americans regulating it.

Griffith says they hear from moms that they feel some-more prepared, some-more assured than before they had a service.

I found it calming and usually wish we had famous about it when we was pregnant.

I can’t contend it’s done me worry any less.

But it’s been a good comfort to know I’ve got it in my behind pocket.

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