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Groupon Reports Revenues in 1Q, Greater Emphasis on Mobile Biz


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Looks like Groupon is removing a second wind.

On Monday, a association expelled its gain report, and child is it a humdinger. Groupon posted a smaller net detriment and a aloft income for a initial quarter. But what’s unequivocally engaging is a second entertain outlook: “Revenue for a second entertain 2012 is approaching to be between $550 million and $590 million, an boost of between 40% and 50% compared with a second entertain 2011.”

That 50 percent expansion is considerably reduce than a 89 percent expansion reported in a same request for 1Q. So, again, there’s a change in Groupon’s tone. Certainly a expectations are some-more medium this time around than it has been historically. Are they only being modest, though? Or are they formulation something large like they always are and only don’t wish to get expectations out of whack?

Regardless, Groupon’s batch is commencement to recover, despite meekly, to a important $13.77, as of press time. For Groupon to unequivocally rebound, though, it will need to fire behind above a $20 symbol it started during not so prolonged ago.

Reuters was on a discussion call with CEO Andrew Mason and other pivotal Groupon execs to plead a definition of a 1Q gain report. Mason indicated that “he wanted to enhance Groupon’s mobile business, while regulating rewards programs and other record to attract and keep merchants and business overseas… a association will recover new mobile focus program in a entrance months.”

So maybe Groupon’s approach adult is going behind to basics? That positively would be a lot some-more viable than Clicky, Groupon’s Facebook thing. 

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