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Groupon Getaways acquires Blink

Groupon Inc

Groupon announced a merger of Blink, an online transport app. The concentration of Blink is a European market, with rarely curated same day engagement services to supplement on to a fast expanding Groupon Getaways transport business. Currently. Blink is connected to 2,000 business partners in 8 countries in Europe.

The terms of a merger were not disclosed.

According Groupon Getaway Senior Vice President Aaron Cooper, “We are really vehement to acquire a Blink group to a Groupon family. The multiple of a illusory mobile app, same day register government for properties and a group that is spooky with mobile and final notation trave will help us serve enhance a transport business as a go-to end for good deals on good places to stay.”

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This was seconded by Blink owner and CEO Rebecca Minguela, “Groupon’s joining to expanding a transport business and a concentration on delivering a best knowledge for a business make this a good fit for Blink. We are looking brazen to building some-more relations with tip hotels around a universe and assisting business find unbeatable deals, even when engagement during a final minute.”

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