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Greenify Auto-Hibernates Apps You’re Not Using to Save Battery

Greenify Auto-Hibernates Apps You're Not Using to Save Battery

Android (Rooted): If your battery won’t make it by a day, Greenify is a accessible application that will automatically hibernate battery hogging apps that dawdle in a credentials after you’re finished regulating them. We attempted it out, and it works like a charm.

Reader TexasRanger sloping us off to Greenify, and after giving it a whirl, we found that it unequivocally does help save my aged Droid Bionic’s battery from failing over a march of a day. Once installed, simply supplement a applications we wish Greenify to hibernate when they pierce to a background, and let a app do a thing. At any time we can see a apps that have been hibernated, a apps that are regulating in a background, and any tentative apps that Greenify will conduct when you’re finished regulating them.

It’s critical to note that Greenify is not a charge torpedo (which we shouldn’t use anyway), and it doesn’t “freeze” apps. The apps that Greenify hibernates are still serviceable if we wish to switch to them, and we can still pass information to them as yet they were running. When we switch behind to them, it’s like we never left. Greenify only keeps those apps from rising new credentials processes (a problem with charge killers) and we don’t have to unfreeze or unfreeze an app to use it when we wish to (a problem with “frozen apps”). The developer, XDA member oasisfeng, describes how his app differs from charge killers and utilities like Titanium Backup over during a XDA forums.

After perplexing out a app for a while and adding some of my common apps to a hibernation list, we really beheld an altogether alleviation in battery life. It did take maybe a kick or dual longer than common to move those apps behind out of hibernation, though that could have only been my device. We should note that hibernating apps that precedence pull notifications and messages or alarms will make those apps not work. Plus, a giveaway chronicle of a app can't hibernate complement applications—the $3 “donation” chronicle however, can. Hit a couple next to review some-more about it, and give it a try.

Greenify (Free, $3 Donation Version) | Google Play around XDA Developers

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