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Google’s Android Branding Dilemma


Google has a problem, and it’s not Apple — notwithstanding a just revealed tidbit that Steve Jobs threatened “thermonuclear war” on Android for what he saw as “grand theft.”

Despite a iPhone’s recognition — Apple sole 4 million units a initial weekend a iPhone 4S was accessible — a Android height now dominates a smartphone marketplace Blackberry and Apple pioneered. According to a new comScore report, a Android height accounted for 43.7% of a smartphone marketplace compared to 27.3% for Apple’s iOS platform.

Growing marketplace share is good, right? So what’s Google’s problem? The problem is a miss of a awake code image. Because iOS is usually accessible on a iPhone, consumers know what they are going to get with an iPhone. If we travel into a Verizon store, a peddler might have to explain to we a nuances between an iPhone 4 and 4S, though it’s all flattering simple.

In fact, there are a sum of 6 combinations accessible during Verizon. You fundamentally confirm either or not we wish a 4 or 4S and that distance tough expostulate we would like. Include a choice between white and black and we get 12 probable choices. As a matter of fact, travel into an Apple store looking for a computer, and it’s most a same. Simplicity in a difficult world. Such was Steve Jobs’ genius.[more]

Google’s Android handling system, on a other hand, is used by countless manufacturers. While this plan has resulted in startling sales expansion for Android handsets, it also creates foe between inclination on a same platform, and ultimately, difficulty for consumers. Walk into a Verizon store looking for an Android handset and you’ll have 23 opposite phones to select from. We’re not articulate about 23 opposite combinations of a same phone. We’re articulate about 23 opposite phones constructed by 7 opposite manufacturers. In box we were wondering, usually one of those is accessible in some-more than one color.

Over a past month, we gifted a launch of a iPhone 4S amidst a flurry of announcements from a Android pack. Motorola announced a new Droid Razr to a discomfit of many a Droid Bionic owner, and Samsung announced a new Galaxy Nexus phone. The new phones both run on Verizon’s 4G LTE, though a Droid Razr uses Android Gingerbread while a Nexus runs Android’s newest platform, Ice Cream Sandwich. If we don’t like those phones, we can also select from such brilliantly named inclination as a Charge, Stratosphere, Thunderbolt, and Enlighten. Confused yet?

Consumers positively are confused. Now that Google has propelled a height to a tip of a smartphone industry, it should start to take some-more control over a possess code so it isn’t tarnished by a possess success.


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