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Google’s Android 4.2 keyboard now accessible from a Play Store

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The keyboard app that comes with Android 4.2 includes clever content prediction, gesture-based typing, and voice typing support. Now Google’s creation it easy to implement a same keyboard on any device using Android 4.0 or later.

You can download a central Google Keyboard app from a Play Store.

Google Keyboard

Offering a keyboard app by a Play Store also gives Google a proceed to refurbish a keyboard but updating a whole handling system. So we could start to see improvements, bug fixes, and other changes some-more frequently.

Google has been holding a identical proceed with some of a other core Android apps recently. Since a central Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangouts, and other apps are all accessible from a Play Store, Google can pull out new facilities for particular apps but watchful until a subsequent vital handling complement refurbish is due out — and that means users won’t have to worry about their device makers or wireless carriers boring their feet on updates. As shortly as a new Calendar or Keyboard refurbish is available, you’ll get it from a Play Store.

Up until now if you’ve wanted to use a Android 4.2 keyboard on a device using an comparison chronicle of Google’s handling complement (or one where a device builder transposed it with a tradition keyboard), you’ve had to download an unaccepted app from elsewhere on a internet.

Google Keyboard for Android includes dictionaries for 26 languages, and supports both phones and tablets.

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