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Google Wrests Controls Of GooglePlay.Com From Squatter

After what was a pretty apparent focus of a ICANN anti-squatting policy, it seems Google has now gained control of from an ad-serving Japanese squatter. Google filed a censure underneath ICANN anti-squatting regulations, and after a case’s brief army during a National Arbitration Forum (a non-court though legally contracting decision-making physique in a US), Google now shows as a registrant of

A discerning ‘whois’ of a domain yields a following:

While a page in doubt still loads, it shows that a domain has been seized (according to Google Translate), and a change in registrant information customarily indicates that possibly a squatter has given adult a domain freely, or a preference has been reached and a domain seized by ICANN, commencement a routine of send of ownership.

Either way, it looks like is during slightest on a approach into a hands of Google.

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