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Google Play Music Starts Saying "Goodbye"

When Google laid out a timeline for a finish of Google Play Music a integrate of months back, they told us that users would start to remove entrance as early as Sep in name countries. They also told us that once Oct hit, a ubiquitous shutdown would start for everybody else, and well, we’re shutting in on a finish of October, so that’s now happening.

Waves of shutdowns seem to be happening, with users no longer being means to play music within a Play Music app or on a web portal. Google suggested on a support page that your finish date competence be tied to your billing date, so if we have a billing date entrance up, be worried.

I can tell we that Tim and we still have entrance to Play Music in all of a accounts, so a use clearly isn’t entirely passed yet. That said, a finish is coming. Google told us to design Play Music to entirely shutdown during some indicate in Dec and we are removing closer to that by a minute.

It’s tough to contend if YouTube Music, a use that Google is forcing we onto, is a legitimate deputy for it. It certain sounds like folks who have large uploaded catalogs don’t adore it. we can’t contend that we adore a UI, and of course, there’s Spotify, that is an glorious song service, that stole my courtesy years ago when Google pronounced they would kill off Play Music.

So, who mislaid access?

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