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Google, Motorola contingency gain on regulatory win to conflict Apple’s iPad


I find that we determine with we on several points.

Google needs to keep Motorola as a seperate section from what is now Google. Motorola needs to USE Android, not CONTROL Android.

Google also need to equivocate a trap that roughly killed Sony. Remember that Motorola is a Tail of this merger, not a Dog. Universal was failing, and afterwards took over Sony after a Merger, and continued a unwell ways.

Much a same thing happened when Caldera Linux bought a SCO Unix operation. Suddenly Linux was out and Caldera became SCO. They afterwards continued a practices that had already failed.

Motorola has prolonged had a robe of really high stakes gambling on really distant out projects that don’t get adequate appropriation or consideration, and so destroy miserably. There are several Motorola Plants nearby where we live, and we speak to people who work there. Motorola government has each few years gamble a plantation on some outlandish devise to emanate an whole new market, yet anticipating out if there is a direct for that market. Then, a association roughly goes broke. The Engineers and production crew take several years pulling a association behind from a brink, afterwards a government does it all over again.

Over a past 10 years, between Space Phones (at $1000/minute) and dungeon phone networks for Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa (Which were ‘chartered’ underneath a instruction of Government people in those areas, and were saved yet not tranquil by Motorola, with no tangible product ever built, yet Billions disappeared.)

Google only needs to let a Engineers and Production people during Motorola go with goals of inexpensive quality. Replace a high turn dreamers, and have good accountants. Motorola can compensate it’s possess way, and a Engineers will continue to shake out genuine patents and new products.

Close Control of Motorola by Google will divide Google’s partners like HTC and Samsung, and could outcome in Google going a subjection of Motorola by vouchsafing a ‘Bet it all on Something Fantastic’ throng rubbish Googles income as they have already squandered Motorola’s. Something we unequivocally wish we never see.

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