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Going International during CES: Getting to Know a Motorola XT928

Here’s a reason to be sceptical of other countries: They get some considerable phones. Case in indicate is a Motorola XT928, an Android smartphone that launched in Dec on China Telecom.

The XT928 is Motorola’s high-end charity for a Chinese carrier, and it looks rather like a slimmer chronicle of a Droid Bionic. we wasn’t means to get a good clarity of how a phone felt in palm (it was tethered down to a counter countertop), yet we did conduct to learn some-more about a phone’s hardware and features.

The XT928 has a 4.5-inch 1280-by-720-resolution IPS arrangement and is powered by dual-core 1.2GHz processor. Most of a Motorola phones we have seen so distant have had qHD (960-by-540) displays, that aren’t scarcely as pointy as a one on a XT928, that has a same shade fortitude as a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The phone is usually 3G, yet it has twin SIM label slots so that users can fast burst from one network to another. Dual SIMs are accessible for roving abroad, and can be useful if one of a carriers has cheaper roaming rates than a other.

The phone runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), yet we wasn’t given an answer as to either it would be removing Ice Cream Sandwich along with Motorola’s other recently announced phones.

I attempted to find an app on a phone that we could use to exam a performance, yet sadly all was in Chinese (a denunciation we am not smooth in), so we had difficulty navigating around a OS. we did conduct to get a few apps running, though, and we had no difficulty bouncing from one app to another. There was no SIM label in a XT928, so we wasn’t means to check out how it rubbed loading webpages.

One thing we was means to exam out was a XT928’s 13-megapixel camera. The camera program was matching to what you’d find on other Motorola phones like a Droid RAZR, yet a cinema we took with a camera looked great. Even in a darkened booth, a photos had roughly no graininess to them and we didn’t see any grayish expel like we did with photos we took with a Droid 4.

There are now no skeleton to move it to a U.S., yet hopefully Motorola will embody some of a XT928’s facilities in destiny phones expelled here.

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