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Get wrinkle-free garments and a smell-free home with one device!

I’ll be honest, this product is not something we need though it is positively something we will want. How cold will it be to have an atmosphere cleanser that also steams manacles your shirt for work? That is accurately what this steam and garments manager does in a nutshell! The pattern judgment for this home appendage aims to solve a emanate of regulating space inefficiently when we have an atmosphere cleanser and a garments manager.

This one device serves both functions as we know so all we need to do to switch from atmosphere purified to wardrobe manager is slip adult a top. A hanger will emerge and a shifting screen to concede for effective deodorization when bubbling in a sealed space. It is comparatively smaller when compared to a normal wardrobe manager and since of a twin functionality, it becomes a smarter choice generally for a civic homes.

The steam manager has won several awards for a judgment already – Korea Design Exhibition Award Special Prize​​​​​​​ (2019), Winner of International Busan Design Award (2019), and was a finalist at D2B Design Fair (2019). Designer Jiheon Song has already law a judgment and we are vehement to see it on a market! I, for one, am prepared for cleaner air, cleaner garments and a cleaner decade.

Designer: Jiheon Song

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