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GeekDad Daily Deal: Lifetime Subscription to Copysmith

Robots competence be entrance for a jobs, though that doesn’t meant we can’t put them to work for us first. Today’s Daily Deal, a Lifetime Subscription to Copysmith, uses AI to beget taglines, product descriptions, and even ads for a likes of Google, Facebook, and Instagram. All we do is give it some sum and tags and off it goes to emanate duplicate for your specific needs. It also integrates with Shopify, WordPress, and Gmail. Come to consider of it, my pursuit competence be on a line. Check out some-more sum by clicking a couple above.

And, be certain to revisit GeekDad’s territory called GeekDad Deals. Throughout a week we will offer new deals on cold stuff. These deals have singular lifespans, so keep checking back. Also, emanate an comment and pointer adult for a newsletter during or follow a Store RSS Feed during

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