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Gearing Up For ‘Borderlands 2′ Sep Launch

Borderlands 2

If we are a gamer who didn’t play Borderlands we possibly have terrible friends, or hatred carrying violent amounts of fun. Borderlands was a uncanny brew of space western, comedy, and RPG, with rob drops same to a Diablo-type game. There are 4 playable characters, any with a singular character of play. This all combined adult to one suddenly overwhelming game.

Since a recover in late Oct of 2009, it has sole over 4.5 million copies, on PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and a Mac. In this writer’s common opinion, it competence be one of a singular many fun practice we can have on any of those platforms.

So now that we are adult to speed on all a awesome, it’s time to speak Borderlands 2. Its launch date is Sep 18, 2012, and instead of a sleeper strike in-the-making, Borderlands 2 is strictly a must-watch game. Expect it to be big.

From a new guns (there will be many), to a tiny touches such as a presistant accumulate opposite all your characters, this diversion has been tweaked to ramp adult a mayhem and fun. Even a one vital pain that plagues games of this form — Co-operative play — promises a vastly softened experience. This is sparkling given once we we’re means to get a strange Borderlands to play commune mode and got a organisation of friends fragging together, a fun escalated exponentially.

So, Vault Hunters, ready to be assigned come mid-September since once a 18th hits, a fragging begins. Until then, here is a small video Clap Trap adore to waves we over while this small dude finds all new ways to make we laugh, cry, and substantially die a small inside.

FYI – if we pre-order Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or PC by, there’s a pre-order bonus:

Video: Claptrap, Episode 1

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