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Galaxy Note 9 problems and solutions: Make device faster and repair battery empty issue

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is still one of a best inclination to get your hands on. The device was launched in Aug on a 29th and packs in all a latest and biggest hardware now available. The Galaxy Note 9 is also set to accept a One UI beta refurbish shortly that comes along with Android 9 Pie.

You competence be meditative that a Galaxy Note 9 is roughly a new device and there competence not be any issues with a device, however, that’s not a case. Even nonetheless a device is sincerely new in a market, there are several bugs and issues being faced by Note 9 users nonetheless it would be astray to contend that other inclination don’t have their possess satisfactory share of bugs and issues.

Luckily, many of these bugs can be solved within a few mins while some competence take a while or even need an OTA refurbish from Samsung to repair a issue. So if you’re rocking a Galaxy Note 9 and are confronting issues with a device, afterwards let’s check out a issues with a Galaxy Note 9 and how to repair them.


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 Camera app lag

Several Note 9 users are unhappy with a camera focus as they explain that while perplexing to click cinema or record videos a camera focus freezes for a integrate of seconds while estimate a image. The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a best specifications accessible now hence, we don’t design to confront loiter while regulating elementary applications such as a camera app.

Here are a few things to try out to assistance solve a issue.

Possible solutions: 

  1. Clear app information and cache: To transparent app information and cache, conduct over to Settings Apps Camera Storage Clear cache/clear data. 
  2. Update to a latest version: The camera loiter was mostly benefaction in a prior chronicle of program hence, we’d advise updating your device to a latest OTA refurbish available. Go to Settings Software refurbish Download updates manually. Wait for a device to indicate for new updates and if there’s a new refurbish available, daub on Download and then Install the update.
  3. Reset your device: Head over to Settings General government Rest Factory information reset. Agree to a terms and afterwards daub on Reset. 

Note: Before resetting your device be certain to backup all files on information on a device to equivocate any information loss.

Camera hardware issue

A few users beheld a “buzzing” sound when regulating a Note 9’s telephoto camera. Some users aren’t means to click cinema regulating a 2nd camera too given a images spin out becloud and unusable.

If we too are confronting a same emanate when perplexing to use a camera on a Galaxy Note 9, then, unfortunately, a usually approach to repair a emanate is by holding a device to a Samsung use core to get a emanate sorted. Since a emanate is hardware associated there is no process to elucidate it by elementary program tweaks.

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Lower liughtness in spots

The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a best shade on any device. The 2K Super AMOLED arrangement offers one of a best observation practice on any smartphone out in a market. Unfortunately, a few users have been stating that a Galaxy Note 9 shade liughtness has taken a hit.

The users explain that even while regulating a max liughtness environment there are certain spots on a arrangement that are darker than other tools of a display. Sadly, this emanate can be caused during times due to a AMOLED tech used to make a display. Resetting a device would not work as this seems to be a hardware issue.

Luckily, a emanate isn’t widespread and should not impact all Note 9 users. If we by any possibility notice liughtness issues or shade burn-in issues, afterwards it would be correct to revisit a Samsung use core to have a emanate sorted.

‘Common Galaxy S9 problems and their solutions‘

Android Auto issue

This does not seem to be a common issue, however, a few Galaxy Note 9 users have had a bad knowledge with Android Auto on their device given a reason response seemed to be behind by a few seconds while a animation and graphics looked intensely low quality.

The users have also reported that voice controls do not work as good while regulating Android Auto on a Galaxy Note 9. If we too are carrying a same issues with Android Auto on your Galaxy Note 9, afterwards here are a few things to do to assistance repair a problem.

Possible solutions: 

  1. The Android Auto focus on a Note 9 does not seem to work good when in opening mode with a shade fortitude set to WQHD+. We’d advise changing a opening mode from high-performance to optimized while also changing a shade fortitude to FHD+. You can find a Performance mode toggle by pulling down a presentation panel.
  2. Clear app information cache: Go to Settings Apps Android Auto Storage Clear cache/clear data. 

Applications rising automatically

This seems to be a sincerely singular emanate and one that we haven’t lonesome before, a few Galaxy Note 9 users are claiming that everytime they accept a presentation from an application, as they lift down a presentation row to perspective a notification, a app automatically launches.

Possible solution:

  1. Since this isn’t as common as a other issues on a list, there does not seem to be a discerning repair accessible as of now. The usually approach to get absolved of a emanate as of now would be to perform a bureau information reset. Be certain to emanate a behind adult before proceeding.
    Settings General government Reset Factory information reset.

Bluetooth pairing issue

Bluetooth issues are sincerely common among several inclination regulating any OS available. Luckily, these Bluetooth issues are easy to repair and can be sorted out within a few minutes.

  1. If we have successfully interconnected with a Bluetooth device and are confronting playback issues, spin both a inclination off. Now spin them behind on and undo a Bluetooth form for a device from your Galaxy Note 9 by streamer over to Settings – Bluetooth. You can afterwards span again with a Bluetooth appendage to see if a emanate is fixed.
  2. Cache files from your comparison Bluetooth inclination can infrequently means an emanate as well. Head over to Settings – Apps and press a three-dot symbol to select Show complement apps. Scroll down to find Bluetooth and use the Clear Cache button to erase all of your pairing histories and start afresh.

Bluetooth branch off and on

The Galaxy Note 9 comes with Bluetooth 5.0, A2DP, LE, aptX. This means that users can bond dual inclination during a same time to make streaming audio and regulating aptness bands or such inclination during a same time some-more convenient, however, a few users are have beheld a Bluetooth keeps branch off and a connected inclination are disconnected.

Possible solutions: 

  • This emanate seems to arise when joining dual Bluetooth inclination during a same time to a Galaxy Note 9 hence, we’d advise disconnecting a Bluetooth device not in use to have a improved Bluetooth experience.
  • Go to Settings  – Connections  – Bluetooth  – Tap on a 3 dots  – Bluetooth control history. Check to see if any focus is branch off Bluetooth in a background. If we mark an focus that turns off Bluetooth automatically, simply uninstall a app to solve a issue.

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Super Slow-mo flickering emanate and dim videos

A few Galaxy Note 9 users are extraordinary as to because when regulating a slow-mo underline lights seem to flutter and a video is underexposed.

To explain a ‘issue’ this isn’t due to any error of a Galaxy Note 9 camera rather it is caused due to a fact that some bulbs and other light sources flutter during a magnitude that isn’t reduce than a modernise rate of a camera. This is a reason because we competence see lights flickering when regulating a Super Slow-mo feature.

While regulating Slow-mo a video tends to be a bit underexposed generally when shot indoors given a camera modernise rate is so high not adequate light can make a approach into a little sensor on a Note 9. These aren’t issues privately with a Note 9 given a same issues are seen on other smartphones and even veteran cameras.

Performance issues

The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or a Exynos 9810 chipset depending on a region, nevertheless, a device is a savage when it comes to opening and runs roughly any focus though violation a sweat.

Unfortunately, some users are stating opening associated issues with a Galaxy Note 9.

Possible solutions:

  1. Uninstall Third-party Phone Manager apps as third-party phone handling apps swamp down a device opening by constantly regulating in a background.
  2. Close apps regulating in a credentials as several apps regulating in a credentials competence lead to slowdowns and lags while regulating a device.
  3. Restart your phone to get absolved of a cached information in a complement that could rave if we don’t restart your device often. We advise restarting your device once a week for a best performance.
  4. Uninstall apps which we don’t use and deletion any images or videos that aren’t critical to you. Clearing adult a device storage and carrying sufficient giveaway space allows a device to duty uniformly and equivocate any support freezing.

Wi-Fi issues

  1. If we are carrying difficulty with a formerly connected Wi-Fi network, simply forget it and supplement a network again. To do so, conduct over to Settings – Connections – Wi-Fi and lift the Forget button on a network that you’re confronting issues with.
  2. The emanate could also be with your wireless router, so try a elementary unplug, and afterwards replug a router after 10 seconds for a discerning soothing reset.

If we have used Samsung Smart Switch to pierce your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings from a aged device to your new Galaxy Note 9, it can many expected be a law-breaker behind your connectivity issues. We advise that we strike a Network Reset symbol and supplement all of your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profiles manually to keep connectivity issues during bay. To do so, simply conduct over to Settings – General Management – Reset – Reset Network Settings and you’re all done.

Heating issue

Samsung has enclosed a water-carbon cooling complement in a Galaxy Note 9 to keep it cold during all times. However, a few users are claiming to knowledge their Galaxy Note 9 feverishness adult some-more than usual.

Heating issues can be caused due to several reasons including hardware defects.

Possible solutions: 

  1. Do not use a device while charging. This could lead to extreme heating of a device given a CPU as good as a battery get hot.
  2. Avoid regulating a device underneath approach object given this would really make a device hotter than usual.
  3. Clear all credentials regulating applications. The some-more apps regulating in a credentials a some-more CPU energy is used hence, a device gets warmer.
  4. Power off your device if a phone gets intensely prohibited and leave it in an open area for a few mins until a device cools down.

Notification issues

These days we mostly rest on notifications to know if we have perceived a summary or any other alert. A few Note 9 users are unhappy given they aren’t receiving notifications.

If we too aren’t receiving notifications on your device, afterwards here’s what to do.

  • You competence wish to check and see if ‘Do not disturb’ is enabled. The ‘Do not disturb’ underline could forestall notifications from formulating a pop-up to equivocate distractions. Simply lift down the notification shade and turn off the ‘Do not disturb’ toggle in box it’s enabled.
  • If we use a battery saver, chances are that’s a reason notifications aren’t appearing. Simply open Settings Battery Battery saver  Toggle off. 
  • The battery optimization underline competence also be a reason because we aren’t receiving notifications. To spin off a underline for a specific app we aren’t receiving notifications on, conduct over to Settings  Apps Advanced Special entrance Optimize battery usage. If a app we aren’t receiving notifications on is listed in Optimized, simply toggle a underline off.

GPS plcae issues

The Galaxy Note 9 is among a best phones now accessible in a marketplace and has roughly all facilities a smartphone can now have. It’s unnecessary to contend that a GPS underline is one of a many elementary facilities on any smartphone these days and given a Note 9 costs an arm and a leg, users would design a GPS underline to work flawlessly.

Unfortunately, a few Note 9 users are confronting issues with a GPS on a device given a GPS underline on a Google Maps focus as good as on a Waze focus does not work as it should.

Possible solutions: 

  • Before regulating a GPS feature, we competence need to regulate a device. To do this simply reason a phone and pierce your device in a figure of a series ‘8’. This helps regulate a compass within a device.
  • You competence also wish to check and make certain that a Location services are incited on. Simply lift down a presentation row and toggle on Location. 
  • To urge plcae correctness go to Settings and hunt for location then daub on the Location option and not on the Toggle on/off switch. Now daub on Improve accuracy and toggle on Wi-Fi scanning.

Mic not operative in certain apps

This seems to be a bizarre issue, however, a integrate of Galaxy Note 9 users are claiming that a microphone does not work in certain applications.

Possible solutions:

  • Make certain that a permissions to use a microphone are enabled for a focus in that a mic does not work.
    • Go to Settings Apps Tap on a 3 dots App permissions
    • Tap on Microphone and make certain that a accede is toggled on for a focus in question
  • Clear a cache: If a accede is incited on for microphone use nonetheless a mic still does not work, afterwards try clearing a cache of a application.
    • Go to Settings Apps Select a app Storage Clear cache
  • Reboot your device: Most teenager issues can be solved with a reboot of a device
    • Press and reason the Power key on your Galaxy Note 9
    • Tap on Restart and wait for a device to reboot

The emanate should now be fixed. In box we still face a issue, afterwards let us know in a comments below.

Fingerprint scanner issues

It seems as nonetheless a Galaxy S9/S9+ fingerprint scanner finished a approach to a Galaxy Note 9 as well. A few users have reported that a fingerprint scanner does not clear their phone as it should.

Fortunately, this emanate seems to be usually with prior builds on a Galaxy Note 9 and does not exist with a latest update. If we haven’t nonetheless commissioned a latest OTA refurbish on your Galaxy Note 9, afterwards we’d advise updating a device right divided given not usually would it repair a fingerprint scanner emanate though it could presumably repair any other bug or emanate we competence be facing.

If you’re on a latest refurbish and still confronting a issue, afterwards we’d advise following these steps.

  1. Disable a fingerprint gestures feature. To do this, go to Settings and hunt for Fingerprint Gestures. Tap on a Fingerprint Gestures choice and afterwards toggle off a feature.
  2. Delete all fingerprint information on a device. Go to Settings Lockscreen confidence Fingerprints Enter your Pin/Password. Now prolonged press on any of a combined fingerprints and afterwards name a fingerprints and daub on Remove. 
    Once you’ve finished this, afterwards simply reboot your device and supplement a fingerprints back.
  3. Open a dialer focus on your device and enter in a following [*#0*#]. You would now see a grid of options. Tap on Sensor and afterwards corkscrew to the Fingerprint sensor option and daub on Normal scan.
    When a indicate is finished we should be means to see PASS on all a tests that means that there is zero wrong with a scanner. If we see FAIL on any one of a tests, afterwards this means we would have to revisit a use core to get a emanate sorted.

Android Auto emanate with Pie update

This is a second emanate with Android Auto as some users are now stating that after installing a Android Pie refurbish they are incompetent to use Android Auto given when connected to their car a complement still shows that a device is not connected or isn’t supported.

Possible solutions:

  • Be certain to refurbish a Android Auto focus to a latest version:
    • Go to Google Play Store and daub on the hamburger menu or appropriate in from a left.
    • Tap on My apps games and afterwards wait for any updates to uncover up.
    • Tap on update if a refurbish is accessible for Android Auto.
  • If we already have a latest update, afterwards we’d advise clearing a cache and data.
    • Go to Settings and select Apps. 
    • Select Android Auto and afterwards daub on Storage.
    • Now daub on clear cache and clear data.
    • Launch a Android Auto focus again and try joining a device to your car once again.

Are we confronting any other emanate with a Note 9 that we haven’t mentioned here? Do let us know in a comments below. 

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