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Galaxy Note 3 arrangement leaked, corresponding comparison with Note 2 shows …

Samsung Galaxy S3 arrangement digitizer bezel

As we nearby Samsung’s central Galaxy Note 3 phenomenon eventuality set for Sept 4th in Berlin, some-more leaks of a device have begun entrance out of a woodwork.

First up, a tangible display/digitizer of a device has been graphic from 3rd celebration tools retailer ETrade Supply, giving us a good demeanour at, not usually a figure of a arriving phablet, though also a discerning comparison with a prior Galaxy Note 2. You’ll notice a most some-more rectilinear figure this time around, while a Note 3 still really most falls in line with Samsung’s stream Galaxy pattern cues.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 3 arrangement Phandrizzle

Overall, a distance boost appears to be minimal, though given these are 2 apart images placed side by side, it’s not accurately to scale. What we can accurately decider is how a bezels have shrunk around a sides and along a top/bottom, permitting Samsung to boost a arrangement distance (rumored to be 5.7 inches, adult from final year’s 5.5 inches), while gripping a altogether distance of a device closer to a a prior era Note.

Galaxy Note 3 accessories

Accessories makers are also removing a burst on a Note 3 where Amazon is arrangement a few listings before an central proclamation could even be made. The initial inventory shows a $10 extended battery container from Hyperion for a Note 3, that curiously mentions harmony with a Verizon, Sprint, and ATT versions of a device, though not T-Mobile. You can also find an $11 TPU box from InventCase tailor-made privately for a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

It seems we already have a good thought of what to design from a next-gen Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as distant as looks and rumored hardware — 5.7-inch display, Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, 3,300mAh battery — now we’ll only have to see what new additions Samsung introduces on a program side of things. Who’s hyped for this large fella?

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