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Galaxy Nexus, on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, examination [Video]

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of a best smartphones on a marketplace and in my opinion, it’s a best all-around Android phone out there.

Just about all we could wish from a smartphone, a Galaxy Nexus has — and that’s a unequivocally good thing deliberation that a phone is offering in a U.S. for $299 on a two-year 4G LTE information devise from Verizon.


The phone, that Google and Samsung teamed adult on to design, is only .37-inches thick, that is about a same density as Apple’s iPhone. Inside, a Galaxy Nexus is packaged with a 1.2-gigahertz dual-core processor, 1-gigabyte of RAM, 32-gigabytes of built-in storage and nearby margin communications technology.

On a outside, you’ll find a enormous 4.65-inch touchscreen, that might be a bit too vast for some. But, in use, a shade doesn’t feel as vast as it is interjection to a skinny bezel around a display.

Samsung Galaxy NexusThe fortitude of that shade is an considerable 1,280-by-720 pixels, that is high adequate to be personal as high-definition. This provides a big, beautiful, splendid board on that to watch videos, crop websites and review e-books.

The arrangement is one of a best I’ve seen on only about any smartphone. It’s a pentile display, that can lead to some pixelization from time to time, though a high fortitude of a shade allows for smoother images than I’ve seen on low-resolution pentile screens.

Battery life on a Galaxy Nexus is flattering good for a 4G phone with such a vast display. Over about a week and a half of testing, we frequently found that we could make it by an whole workday before we had to recharge a phone. Of course, a some-more we use a phone, a faster a battery life goes, and 3G phones still have improved battery life. But as distant as 4G phones go, a Galaxy Nexus is among a best I’ve used battery wise.

Phone calls were transparent and accepting on a Galaxy Nexus was also plain with Verizon‘s 4G use being quick and abundant around Los Angeles during my testing.


The Galaxy Nexus sports a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera above a display, that works good for video chatting in a Google+ Hangout or with other video job services. On a behind is a 5-megapixel camera that can fire adult to 1080p video, interconnected with an LED flash.

Video shot on a phone looks good, though in a behind camera’s still photos is where we found one of my few complaints with a Galaxy Nexus. By no means is 5-megapixels a diseased camera, though a sharpness and tone facsimile of photos we shot on a Galaxy Nexus wasn’t during a turn of 8-megapixel shooters I’ve seen on other tip handsets such as a iPhone, a Motorola Droid Bionic and Razr and a Samsung Galaxy S II.

One outrageous and on a Galaxy Nexus for still photos is a ability to take photos with roughly no shiver loiter during all. Snapping a design is scarcely immediate and while this formula in holding some becloud photos from time to time, it should also concede Galaxy Nexus owners to skip fewer moments with their phones than with many other handsets.


The demeanour of a Galaxy Nexus is purify and simple. If you’ve seen a Galaxy S II, afterwards we won’t be too astounded style-wise with a Galaxy Nexus. It’s skinny and even has a slight strike during a bottom, housing a orator and microphone, only as a Galaxy S II does.

Samsung's <strong>Galaxy Nexus</strong> (left) and Galaxy S II” class=”asset  asset-image at-xid-6a00d8341c630a53ef0168e4c3563b970c” src=”” /></a>The front of a phone is thankfully abandoned of any <strong>Samsung</strong>, Google or <strong>Verizon</strong> logos, that is something I’d like to see from some-more smartphones. On a right side, toward a tip is a energy symbol that also wakes a phone or puts it to sleep. On a left is a volume rocker. A mini-USB pier for charging a phone is on a bottom, as is a headphone jack.</p>
<p>The whole of a device, solely for a screen, is lonesome in a dim gray cosmetic that offers an understated look. The behind of a <strong>Galaxy Nexus</strong> has a removable cosmetic cover, that conceals a SIM-card container and battery. Unfortunately, this row has a thin, groundless feel to it that is also suggestive of a Galaxy S II.</p>
<p>You won’t find any reward materials on a <strong>Galaxy Nexus</strong> as we might find on other opposition high-end handsets. But while a phone doesn’t feel luxurious, it’s still durable and well-built.</p>
<p><strong>Android Ice Cream Sandwich</strong></p>
<p>Though a hardware offering is strong by stream standards, a best partial of a <strong>Galaxy Nexus</strong> is positively the program — Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.</p>
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