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Galaxy Nexus Boot Animation Appears on Droid Bionic?

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If Tuesday was all about the iPhone 4S, currently has been all about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as it has not usually leaked out on video for a initial time yet a launch eventuality was cancelled by Google and Samsung in a arise of Steve Jobs’ death.

Well, there’s more. It appears that a foot animation for a Galaxy Nexus has leaked out forward of report pleasantness of MyDroidWorld.

What we see here is presumably a Galaxy Nexus’ foot animation usually a using on of a competitors, a Motorola Droid Bionic.

Galaxy Nexus Boot Animation?

Honestly, we consider Google and Samsung did a illusory pursuit and we have a feeling many of we out there are going to wish to download this for your device. Problem is, that choice isn’t accessible only yet. I’d suppose that it will be in a nearby destiny though.

So, only another small tidbit to reason we over until Google and Sammy announce this thing.

Via: Android Central

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