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Gadget review: Droid Razr doesn’t utterly live adult to the bequest – The Birmingham News

About 3 years before a iPhone, a must-have tool was a Motorola Razr. It was a thing of beauty with a brushed aluminum steel casing. And it was, oh, so thin.

droid-razr.jpg(Verizon Wireless)

It was also oh, so expensive, with a cost tab nearby $500. But it was distinct any cellphone that had come before it. And, for a people who could means it, a sleek, stylishly hip Razr was everywhere.

But, as we good know, unless you’ve been vital underneath an iRock for a past 4 years, there’s been a new actor in town, and Motorola has been perplexing to give one of a biggest legacies of Steve Jobs a run for a money.

And so Motorola gives us a Droid Razr. And it couldn’t be some-more opposite from a 2004 namesake.

The Droid Razr is another smartphone that on a aspect bears conspicuous similarities with others that have come before it, namely a many new Droid Bionic.

Its biggest sale indicate is a ultrathin profile, vast 4.3-inch shade and, of course, being means to entrance Verizon’s 4G LTE network. In comparison, a iPhone4S shade is customarily 3.4 inches wide.

If you’re wanting to knowledge 4G, a Razr doesn’t defect anymore than it did on a Bionic. we jumped on Netflix and streamed “Airplane!” It started personification in reduction afterwards 10 seconds, and surely, we am serious. The design was as splendid and transparent and aegis giveaway as if we were examination it on a unchanging TV.

Not customarily does a Razr exaggerate that it is a thinnest 4G phone around during 7.1 millimeters, it also facilities a scratch-resistant arrangement done by Corning, and is ostensible to have a water-repellent coating. Whether this will keep it in operative condition after it’s incidentally left in your pants slot on a outing by a soaking appurtenance is something we did not test.

It also has a Kevlar back. But we wouldn’t design it to stop a bullet any some-more than I’d design it to make a phone call after a decrease by a spin cycle. So unless you’re a castmember of “Jackass,” we would advise gripping your toughness tests to inadvertently dropping it while removing out of a car.

The arrangement of a Razr is identical to a Bionic. we still find a screens a small bustling and overly complicated. A new underline on a Razr that lists favorite contacts as design icons during a tip of a shade does assistance to supplement a small morality to an differently confused setup. Just a daub on a picture, and you’re job or texting roughly immediately. Unfortunately, a elementary facilities seem to finish there.

It’s amicable media overload. The mixed screens are able of throwing so most information during we during any given time, that it’s tough to keep adult with what’s going on.

For example, one shade can be set so that all it does is constantly corkscrew cinema that your friends have posted on Facebook. Extraneous and unnecessary. About 99 percent — OK, maybe 90 percent — of a time, we couldn’t caring reduction what cutesy observant or darling cat design friends are posting when I’m looking during Facebook. Why do we need to see it peep opposite my phone’s shade when all we wish to do is check my email or content a crony who has indeed seen me in person?

On a and side, a Razr is positively one of a lightest phones we have ever tested. So most so, that we creatively deliberate it defective only by weight alone. But it seems to have a opening heft to give about any smartphone a run for a money.

It positively has style, and either or not it’s a smartphone for we depends on how deeply concerned we wish to be in amicable media.

Most everybody with a smartphone, either it’s an iPhone or a Droid, has one to excavate into amicable media such as Twitter or Facebook and to constantly be plugged into calendars and all other sorts of schedules and updates that keep a lives busy. The doubt is only how most of a Borg do we wish to become, and how most can we hoop during one time?

The morality of progressing Droid models and, yes, a iPhone seem to follow a KISS (keep it simple, stupid) process of communication. The Razr seems to be a counterbalance with a simple, stout exterior, though with a cacophony of program and apps to keep we tapping, flipping and pinching to a indicate of media madness.

It eventually reminds me of Occam’s Razor. It’s an aged adage that fundamentally says that a simplest resolution is customarily a best. And as distant as this newest attainment from Motorola goes, Occam’s Razr it’s not.

The Razr is accessible from Verizon Wireless for $299 with a two-year contract. For some-more on a phone’s specs, click here.

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