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Friday Poll: You Current Phone is?

Since a final “Current Phone” poll, roughly 9 months ago, we have seen a series of considerable inclination land on U.S. soil. HTC launched a One Series and a Incredible 4G LTE, Samsung gave us a Galaxy S3, and Motorola…well, they haven’t finished much. But there is a good possibility that many of we switched to something given final December, so we wanted to ask again. we get a feeling that a Galaxy Nexus is going to browbeat this, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s tough to go wrong with batch Android. I’m only extraordinary to see if a  Galaxy S3 done a hole in that organisation of a DL community.

*We couldn’t embody each phone on a world here, so we went with a many renouned of a final year. If your phone isn’t listed, be certain to opinion for “Other” and afterwards tell us in a comments that phone that is.

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