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Free Popeyes duck sandwich understanding returning to T-Mobile Tuesdays subsequent week

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Earlier this month, T-Mobile Tuesdays was set to offer a Free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich to T-Mo and Sprint customers, though a understanding had to be pulled during a last-minute due to a technical issue. Now we know that Popeyes will be returning to T-Mobile Tuesdays subsequent week.

On Tuesday, Aug 4, T-Mobile and Sprint business can measure a giveaway Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, possibly classical or spicy, and dual giveaway pieces of Signature Chicken. T-Mo says that this understanding isn’t current in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or a US Virgin Islands.

Also entrance subsequent week is a $2 Dunkin’ Card and $0.10 off per gallon of gas during Shell. Rounding out a deals is 50% off and giveaway shipping from wardrobe website Modcloth.


Next week’s competition will see 200 winners get a “Movie Night On Us” gold that includes some T-Mobile swag. Each leader will get dual microwaveable bags of popcorn, 4 reusable popcorn containers, a T-Mobile-branded plush blanket, and 3 Redbox film let promo codes.

Once again, it’s value mentioning that T-Mobile is still charity free MLB.TV and a subscription to The Athletic if we haven’t already sealed adult for them. These offers will usually be accessible by Tuesday, Aug 4, during 1:59 am PT / 4:59 am ET, so you’ve got reduction than a week to explain them.tmobile-tuesdays-movie-bundle-2

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