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Flagstick designed to speed adult play

A wireless flagstick that allows march operators to brand delayed groups is a latest arms to tackle delayed play.

The tool was one of a topics dicussed when attention leaders met during USGA domicile for a two-day Pace of Play Symposium in New Jersey final week.

The feeling flagstick is dictated to give courses a improved thought of who and what causes delayed rounds.

“For those golf courses that don’t have a worldly GPS complement or where we don’t take carts and walk, this is going to give them a cost-effective approach to get a dimensions they need to have control,” pronounced USGA technical executive Matt Pringle.

Once a flagstick is pulled from a hole and returned, a timing information is sent to a executive source monitored by a golf club, permitting it to conduct a gait around any round. It will also uncover that groups are not personification fast enough.

The new flagstick is battery-powered and is incited on and off around a magnet. The battery is charged wirelessly and should reason a assign for around 28 days.

On a subject of delayed play, Pringle suggested a normal turn length on a LPGA Tour decreased by 14 mins this season.

The initial dual rounds of a 2014 US Women’s Open (Pinehurst No.2; 6,649 yards) were scarcely 30 mins quicker than a same rounds on a longer march during a 2012 vital (Blackwolf Run; 6,954 yards).

The biggest composition to speed of play on a LPGA Tour was relocating tee time intervals from 10 mins to 11 mins to revoke a probability of a bottleneck when groups get built behind one another.

Do we have any crafty ideas to assistance adult speed adult play?

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