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First Look: Tempered Glass Screen Protector for a Galaxy S3

The folks over during XGEAR sent us samples of their new Spectre and Fantom gradual potion shade protectors for both a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Galaxy Nexus to test. Since gradual potion is all a fury in a shade safeguarding diversion these days, we know that many of we have been failing to get your hands on them. While XGEAR is signing off on final samples, with hopes of shipping to business during a initial week or so of August, they wanted us to uncover we all what a product is all about forward of time. 

First adult is a Galaxy S3 chronicle given it’s a new child on a block, though don’t go anywhere, as we’ll take a demeanour during a Galaxy Nexus chronicle after this afternoon. The Spectre gradual potion guardian for a GS3 is .4mm thick, has a aspect softness of 8H (10H being a hardest), and a “special” cloaking to conflict greasy residue, or improved famous to many of us as fingerprints.

In a time contrast it, we can contend that so far, I’m impressed. we can’t mount many shade protectors. To me, touching a shade guardian is like someone scratching a chalkboard – it’s painful. This gradual potion protector, on a other hand, feels usually like your normal shade when swiping opposite it. As you’ll see in a video, a observation angles are still unequivocally good, it’s not many of a fingerprint magnet, a responsiveness of a device remains, and it can conflict some flattering complicated scratching finished by my keys. we also took it out into a object and found that it did not change a observation believe much. As with any smartphone, observation in approach object isn’t fun, though this didn’t seem to make it worse by any means.

With that said, there are a integrate of things that we would have to get used to when regulating a gradual potion shade guardian like this. It does supplement some density to your device. It also buries a earthy home symbol on a Galaxy S3 a bit, creation it a small some-more formidable to get home in a pinch. The certain side of that would be that it offers some insurance to your home button. The other thing that is unequivocally usually conspicuous in splendid lights, is this dotted grid. I’m not certain what it’s from, though depending on a angle and tone of your screen, it can be manifest and is somewhat obnoxious.

Update:  XGEAR reached out to me to explain a grid situation. From what we understand, a grid is there since of a special UV cloaking that is put on a shade protector. If it wasn’t there, a guardian would turn discolored over time interjection to UV radiation. This coating, that includes that grid, prevents that.

For a many part, this is a initial shade guardian that we haven’t wanted to slice off of my phone in seconds. we like a feel of a potion and also a combined insurance that it should provide. we personally, can get over a uncanny grid that is display on these samples (keep in mind that they might not be benefaction on final products), along with a additional thickness. The home symbol conditions will take some removing used to, though it’s really not something that would deter me from recommending these.

To my knowledge, this is a usually appendage group in a diversion that has a gradual potion shade guardian for a Galaxy S3.

Update 2:  The Galaxy Nexus shade guardian review has been posted.


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