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First look: LG’s curvy G Flex is entrance to America… soon

SAN FRANCISCO—At a tiny press eventuality this evening, LG demoed a latest phone, a G Flex, that has a peaceful 700mm bend to a breadth of a body. Information about a G Flex has been widely leaked for a past few months, and a phone went on sale in Korea this week, so we already know a good understanding about it. Ars will have a full examination for we subsequent week, yet until then, we have a integrate of unboxing cinema for we to look during below.

LG naturally thinks winding shade phones are a approach of a future, and Dr. Ramchan Woo, conduct of a mobile product formulation multiplication during LG, told a assembly that LG sees smartphones morphing into “curved, bendable, foldable, and wearable” devices. While he declined to contend either LG would continue to iterate on a G Flex’s bend in a entrance years, he did contend that a phone represented a “beginning.”

While a winding phone might seem rather gimmicky, a battery inside a phone is reduction so. LG’s exclusive 3500mAh battery powering a phone’s 720p shade uses a “stack and folding” model, that reduces a highlight on a winding battery but compromising a life. Without that winding battery, Samsung’s possess winding phone has taken on a less-intuitive, plumb winding shape. Unfortunately, Dr. Woo told Ars, a battery will be hermetic inside a phone—you won’t be means to reinstate it.

LG also guaranteed that a phone will be means to withstand a strike of 88 lbs of pressure, and it suggested that a bend will be optimal for sound peculiarity (because a orator isn’t flush with a list when we play audio, and a mic is closer to your mouth when we speak on a phone).

Finally, LG talked adult a self-healing phone body, that is fundamentally a film cover over a cosmetic physique done of a element “similar to urethane” (Dr. Woo was not means to elaborate) that creates a phone resistant to tiny scratches.

Chaz Abbott, LG’s comparison PR manager, pronounced that a G Flex went on sale in Korea this week during a cost homogeneous to $940. Still though, he wouldn’t contend when a phone was entrance to North America, besides earnest that we’d see it “soon.”

The 6″ shade on a G Flex is flattering huge. Shown subsequent to a regular-size sharpie and my (old, dusty) Motorola Droid Bionic.

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