How to Find Free Wireless Networks?

How to Find Free Wireless Networks?

One day, you’ll be able to take your laptop anywhere and be assured of finding a wireless network to connect to no matter where you are. Until then, however, you’ll have to discover where you can go to find a free wireless network. The following steps will help you accomplish this.


  1. Take your laptop along to your favorite places such as parks, bookstores and coffeehouses to see if there is a wireless network you can connect to.
  2. Find locations that have free wireless access for customers. Websites such as or list these locations by state, territory or company.
  3. Ask your local government to build and maintain a free wireless network for part or all of the city or county you live in. Many cities provide free wireless in their downtown areas for use by businesspeople in the area. Check out visitor centers in your town too.
  4. Start your own community network by getting together with neighbors who also want to have a free wireless network. You may find that they are willing to contribute funds to build a network that can be used not only by the neighborhood group but by anyone in the vicinity. has information on how to build a neighborhood network.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wardriving is the practice of driving around looking for places where one might access a wireless network. Piggybacking is the act of connecting to that network without asking for permission from the owner. Although this practice is questionable from a legal standpoint, you may find that some people allow or even encourage others to piggyback on their networks.


  • Find free wireless networks by State or Company on WiFi Free Spot.

Other Tool: Wifi Walker

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