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Falcon Pro Thinks Twitter “Shut Me Down,” Provides Backup APK File as …

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Yesterday, usually a day after a many new token reset from renouned Twitter app Falcon Pro, long-time users who had not had a possibility to refurbish and login to re-claim their token, flooded a inbox and Twitter with complaints of blunder messages. The messages simply settled that a “application can't substantiate some-more users during this time,” that is a same summary users were saying before a reset progressing in a week. So what’s going on? How could all of a 100K tokens be taken adult again in a matter of hours? Falcon Pro’s creator took to Twitter this morning, meditative that Twitter might have close him down, and has given unpublished a app from a Play store. 

Tough to know accurately what’s behind a token gobbling, though Twitter done it transparent prolonged ago that they were going to extent a array of users for 3rd celebration apps. Maybe they weren’t fans of an app totally wiping a allotted tokens to benefit some-more users? It does arrange of seem like an try to work a complement that they created, even as terrible of a complement as it is.

So in a meant time, as Falcon Pro by Google Play sits in limbo, a developer has published build V2.0.2 to Twitter for those who are sealed out of a app. (Here is one link.)

We’ll be certain to keep we updated as this array of events unfolds.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 during 8.10.23 AM

Via:  @falcon_android

Cheers David!

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