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Extending a Life of Older Android Devices Through ROMs

Prior to replacing my android phones, we secure each singular one of them since we never bought new until a Nexus 4. Thankfully a N4 came along and rooting (while we did it) was discretionary not imperative that speaks to a damaged inlet in a Android realm. There are hardware dependencies and newer drops don’t have drivers or a drivers are local and they need to be heart installed to “halfway” function. we was hacking a Moto Triumph, and no volume of hacking could ever get it to work scrupulously since of a bluetooth/wifi chipsets were local meant for using on a Froyo (very old) kernel.

In any box another phone (mytouch 4g) DID have CM7 support, solely a dev left and it never got CM9 support. What many people don’t know is that there might customarily be 1-2 people progressing a drops and customarily 1 modding a kernel. These devs are hackers, so they are always looking for new things to play with, and once they do, POOF a village disappears to a subsequent fondle a devs play with.

In any box hacking was fun though time consuming. The phones became fast though compulsory caring and feeding and out of a box facilities never worked correctly.

N4 (GSM) altered all that, and if a N5 supports CDMA/LTE afterwards there is a possibility a people can have a phone that is upheld and potentially take to other carriers and have Verizon/Sprint too.

In a meantime we transposed my phone w/ an iphone5, and my wifes N4 with a iphone4s. No problems. The N4 STILL has bluetooth issues and wouldn’t reliably bond to my 2012 Van nor 2011 automobile (we are not articulate old). A full reconstruct an voila it was behind for a few weeks until google updated a horizon again and BAM behind to bluetooth issues.

So now we spend my time looking for capability apps, and not band-aiding a phone so it can simply work. It was fun for a final 3 years, and now that Google is removing their act together maybe in another year a O/S will be fast though it is not there yet. BTW, my N7 on a final refurbish now sucks a battery down in reduction than 24 hours. we got sleepy of that and only use my ipad that will final a week or some-more with occasional usage.

My indicate is Android is still broken, though might get better. As for a 100million inclination out there, good luck.

I dislike MSFT and metro, though outward of Apple WP8 is approach some-more fast and improved than Android, solely it’s MSFT. Or now MSFT-Nokia.

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