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Exclusive Preview: Kaijudo Tatsurion vs. Razorkinder Battle Decks

Tomorrow, 26 Jun 2012, outlines a recover of a new trade label diversion from Wizards of a Coast. Kaijudo: Rise of a Duel Masters: Tatsurion vs. Razorkinder is a newest diversion in a multi-platform authorization formed on a charcterised array on The Hub. Containing dual decks that are housed in cases meant to resemble a tangible tablets from a series, these 40-card decks also enclose dual Super Rare cards featuring Tatsurion and Razorkinder themselves!

Additionally, these cards couple directly to a online diversion by dual special codes enclosed in any set. With set zones of play, this diversion is done to be played in a quick and mad manner. Containing quadruped and spell cards both, this diversion is guaranteed to broach hours of party for Kaijudo fans everywhere.

But here during Geeks of Doom, we are gratified to be means to uncover we something no one else has seen yet… an disdainful picture of one of a cards! Called Blaze Belcher, this label can be used regularly to conflict your competition turn after round! I’m not certain how singular this one is, though we can really tell we that we were a initial ones to see it and a initial to share it with a readers! See it here below.

Kaijudo: Tatsurion vs. Razorkinder - Blaze Belcher

These sets will be accessible during gaming shops around a nation starting tomorrow! Not certain if we have a emporium locally? Well afterwards check out a Kaijudo website and the overwhelming store locator. Retailing during $19.99, it is ideal for novices and consultant TCG players alike. Easy and fun to play, this diversion will positively be another good further to this franchise.

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