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Even James Bond couldn’t conflict this attaché box desirous cardholder!

Zero Halliburton’s neat aluminum briefcase has reached iconic status, a work appendage that all style-oriented group couldn’t wait to get their hands on! Inspired by their possess masterpiece, Zero Halliburton eliminated a pattern truth of their Slimline Aluminum Attaché Case to a common cardholder.

Cardholders are a bearers of a temperament and credentials, a must-have in each professional’s environment of work accessories. A miniaturized chronicle of Zero Halliburton’s heading briefcase, a Card Holder Attaché Case manages to container in a same punch as a full-sized version. In fact, it’s a kind of cardholder even James Bond couldn’t resist! Boasting a brushed aluminum exterior, it has been versed with entirely functioning latches, to help secure your cherished business cards. Paired with a veneer multiple close facade, once sealed a latches make a same intriguing click, as we would design from a rational briefcase. The cardholder’s extraneous aspect has been etched with a concave-style double rib, while a interiors have been lined with some pleasing black velvet. A mobile hoop creates we feel as if you’re unequivocally holding an attaché case!

Cardholders are an critical partial of a veteran lives, storing a means of joining with other like-minded professionals, however, Zero Halliburton’s Card Holder Attaché Case goes over a ordinary, and is certain to paint your chosen ambience perfectly!

Designer: Zero Halliburton

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