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Eight-Sided Motorola Nexus X to Launch this Summer? – Quirky Patent Awarded

Eight-Sided Motorola Nexus X to Launch this Summer? – Quirky Patent AwardedMotorola Mobility will announce a top-tier Smartphone recover date someday this year, that could take a form of a X Phone, a Nexus X or something wholly separate to a Nexus range. It’s unequivocally a given we can take to a bank – Motorola has been mostly wordless given being taken over by Google final summer and a chances of another year rolling by with 0 large to move to a list are zero.

After all, we’re not a customarily ones pining for a days when a likes of a Motorola Droid Bionic had us salivating during a really discuss of a recover date.

Another given of march is a fact that whatever Motorola does endorse to launch this year, it needs to wow us in a large way. It’s roughly like they’re creation their entrance to a marketplace all over again, as they’ve been blank from a upper-echelons for so prolonged many have lost they existed.

So here’s one gossip to gnaw over – what if Motorola were to deliver a universe to a initial operation of eight-sided Smartphones?

It all sounds rather stupid on a surface, though Motorola has customarily this week won a obvious focus for octagon-shaped Smartphone. Exactly how this will perceptible into a device stays to be seen, though what’s really transparent is a approach in that Motorola is not customarily meditative good and truly outward a box this time round, though has no goal of confronting a same weird obvious transgression squabbles as Apple and Samsung are customarily inextricable in.

Chances are a Motorola X Phone – or whatever we wish to call it – won’t launch as a full-on octagon, though could by rights be eight-sided with smaller sides toward a corners dull off to an roughly winding finish.

But afterwards again as with a rest of a probable specs and features, it’s all a diversion of pristine conjecture and rumor-mongering right now as Motorola has nonetheless to endorse that it has anything in a pipeline, let alone share a projected recover date and price.

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