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DroidLanding teases arriving Verizon Moto DROID tablet

Looks like Verizon is during it again, teasing us again by a DroidLanding Twitter comment with what will be a carrier’s subsequent prohibited DROID device. And, if a roughly apparent hints are to be believed, we might be saying a most awaited and talked about Motorola inscription entrance shortly to Big Red.


With a rarely successful launch of Motorola’s rarely customizable Moto X flagship in August, there has been flourishing speak around a inscription being a manufacturer’s judicious next step. After all, who wouldn’t wish to have all that Moto X goodness, that we can review about in a review, in a inscription form? And now that Motorola is Verizon’s disdainful partner for a DROID line of devices, it seems that such conjecture will indeed come to pass soon.


DroidLanding has been Verizon’s promotional arm for a DROID products for utterly some time now, with contests that enclosed an protracted existence scavenger hunt conducted dual years ago for a DROID Bionic. Now it is teasing a open with a video true out of a tip agent/transporter flick, involving a pleasing and puzzling lady as good as a package that, for all intents and purposes, resembles a tablet. You can see a whole four-minute teaser video below.

DroidLanding seems to be confirming this supposition as it retweeted one competition entrance that suggested a DROID inscription inside a tip package. We’ll only have to wait for a subsequent section of a poser when a video goes adult in Oct to get some-more hints about this puzzling package.

SOURCE: DroidLanding, Verizon

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