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Droid RAZR, Xoom and Bionic Android 4.0 refurbish confirmed

If we are an owners of a Motorola device stateside you’ll no doubt be wondering if or when your smartphone or list will be updated to a latest and biggest Android handling system, Android 4.0, good word has come down from Motorola on a matter of updating inclination to Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to a guys over during Pocket-lint, Motorola has summarized their skeleton for updating their inclination to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and have pronounced that when Google expelled a ICS source formula it doesn’t automatically refurbish to a device and afterwards goes on to let everybody know what a routine takes to get a new OS onto a device, though we’ll skip all that lingo and get to a nitty-gritty.

Motorola is formulation on delivering Ice Cream sandwich to as many inclination as probable though this depends on countless factors including underlying program support, ICS support, along with hardware/device capabilities.

But to cut a prolonged story brief and put it into a nutshell, Motorola has fundamentally reliable that a Motorola Droid RAZR, Motorola Xoom inscription including a Family Edition and Motorola Droid Bionic will all be updated to Android 4.0 initially.

As for when owners of a Droid RAZR, Motorola Xoom and Droid Bionic will indeed see that Android Ice Cream Sandwich refurbish strike their device, good as common that small square of information stays in a land of mystery, as Motorola says they will broach “more accurate superintendence on timing after post-public pull of Ice Cream Sandwich” along with updating that list of devices.

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