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Droid RAZR Pre-Orders Already Sold Out during Verizon?

So, after anticipating out that a Motorola Droid Bionic’s cost has indeed dropped to $250 during Verizon, we motionless to take a small gander over to Verizon’s Droid RAZR page. Remember, it’s adult for pre-order today. And what we found repelled me. It appears that a pre-orders have already sole out by Big Red’s store as right next a pricing, in splendid red, is a small note that reads: “This object is temporarily out of stock.”

This of march comes small hours after a phone went on sale. So possibly this thing is offered like crazy, I’d suppose some-more than a few HTC ThunderBolt owners are profitable their ETF’s today and snagging this, or this is Verizon perplexing to drum adult a small attention.

Neither would warn me.

Droid RAZR

Droid RAZR

This is a illusory phone, we told we so already, and if you’re not into a Galaxy Nexus, this is really a phone that you’re going to wish to take a prolonged demeanour at.

Still, it’s a small peculiar that it’s already sole out and carriers are not over fibbing to a open for gain.

Was anyone means to sequence one today?

Update: Best Buy has launched pre-orders as good so if we can’t see it by Verizon, we can find it there.

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