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DROID RAZR HD Screen Protectors Arrive in Some Verizon Stores

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With all of a Nexus rumors of late, don’t consider we have lost about a epic 4th entertain that Verizon is about to have when it comes to device launches. Devices like a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, LG Spectrum 2, and HTC DLX are all on deck, expected for November. But what about a DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD? 

One news claimed that they were behind until Nov since of receiver issues. While we haven’t listened that from any of a friends, we have listened that third celebration Verizon stores are looking during Oct 18 as a intensity date, even including it on their latest MAP (minimum advertised price) lists.

Today, shade protectors started to arrive in stores, that is always a good pointer that a launch is creeping closer. It doesn’t indispensably meant that Oct 18 is set in stone, though it does uncover that stores are scheming for a launch in a really nearby future.

With a set of ultra-impressive inclination rumored to be rising in a entrance months, how are we going to collect one over a other? Does a RAZR HD or MAXX HD still make your brief list?

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