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Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx to see ICS in Q2, Bionic, Droid 4 in Q3

Motorola Mobility has updated the Web page it uses to keep finish users wakeful of arriving ROM updates. It’s one of a usually Android OEMs to yield such minute information to a customers.

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The web page gives Motorola Mobility Android device owners some-more wish in terms of when and if their device will accept Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0, ICS). Until now, usually one device, a Xoom wi-fi usually tablet, has been updated to ICS, and usually in a U.S. Xoom wi-fi usually owners in Asia Pacific, Canada, China, EMEA, Japan and LATAM are still waiting, and according to a site, will accept ICS in Q2. Considering Q2 ends in 1 1/2 months, Motorola improved get a pierce on.


Six inclination are scheduled to accept ICS in Q2, in fact, including a aforementioned Xoom wi-fi tablet, outward of a U.S. Also slated for a Q2 smoothness of ICS are a Motorola RAZR (globally) / RAZR Maxx (U.S.), a Xoom wi-fi+3G/4G (in a U.S.), a MT917 and XT928 (both in China).

Of those, a Xoom wi-fi+3G/4G is a farthest along, as it is in a Testing Phase, that is a final proviso before a new ROM becomes available. All others are listed as in a Development Phase.

In Q3, a propitious owners list expands significantly. It will embody a Droid 4 (U.S.), Droid Bionic (U.S.), Motorola Xoom Family Edition (U.S.), Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition (both Asia Pacific, EMEA, and LATAM), Atrix 4G (U.S.), Atrix 2 (Asia Pacific, LATAM, USA, and comparison other markets), and a Droid XyBoard 8.2 and 10.1 tablets (U.S.).

Finally, in Q4, a Photon 4G will accept an update.

The rest of those inclination that competence accept an ICS update, and a word is “might” since they are in a Evaluation and Planning Phase, definition an refurbish has not nonetheless been motionless upon, are a Motorola Xoom wi-fi+3G (outside a U.S.), a Atrix (outside a U.S.), a Electrify (U.S.) and a Photon 4G (Japan).

Droid 3 and Droid X2 owners will certainly be disappointed, as they were anticipating for an ICS refurbish though will not be receiving one. Meanwhile, some folks have been watchful for a prolonged time as, for example, RAZR owners were told final year that a RAZR would be getting an early Q1 2012 refurbish to ICS.

Bionic and Xoom owners were also among those who were told, right off a bat, that their inclination would be receiving ICS, and solely for a wi-fi Xoom, they are still waiting.

The full list, as remarkable above, is available here.

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