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Droid Prime and Nexus Prime Both Get Closer to Launch

We’re still uncertain accurately what a Samsung Droid Prime and Nexus Prime are all about though it appears both of them are removing closer to recover as Droid-Life is stating that a Droid Prime perceived a Wi-Fi acceptance a brief time ago and a Nexus Prime, not to be outdone, got a Bluetooth CIG acceptance as well. Neither, of course, exhibit a specific recover date or launch window though they do prove that things are surpassing and we are removing closer and closer to an proclamation and recover for both.

The Droid Prime is rumored to be one of dual things. A Verizon chronicle of a Nexus Prime or a souped adult Galaxy S II for Verizon. Either way, we consider Verizon has a leader on a hands with this device, rumored to be a initial to arrive with Android Ice Cream Sandwich on board.

Droid Prime

Droid PrimeDroid Prime

As for a Nexus Prime, it’ll expected be a Samsung-made, Ice Cream Sandwich rocking, HD arrangement toting beast. Will it be a same phone as a Droid Prime? Maybe, maybe not.But if a FCC decides that each thing here is good to go, afterwards we’ll substantially find out flattering soon, won’t we?

Nexus Prime

Nexus PrimeNexus Prime

Remember, a rumored recover date for a Droid Prime is October, a same month as a rumored iPhone 5 launch.

So, as these get closer to reality, are we holding off on shopping a Droid Bionic? Or have these prisoner a courtesy of your eyes and wallet?

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