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DROID HD Makes First Appearance, Leaves Us Saying "BIONIC Who?"

Motorola is apparently tough during work on another high-end handset famous as a DROID HD – and boy, is it a attractive square of kit. Just take a look:

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The DROID HD appears to be what a DROID X2 should have been – namely, much improved in each respect. While it might have a qHD arrangement (not reliable – only presumed), in roughly each other fathomable way, a HD looks like the Moto handset to have. The elephant in a room of march is a BIONIC, Motorola’s arriving dual-core beast 4G LTE device, that will expected lay during a significantly aloft cost tier than a HD. But there’s only one thing about a HD that we like a lot improved than a brutal BIONIC – a size.


DROID HD and BIONIC – side by side.

This phone is Galaxy S II slim. The arrangement is 4.5 inches, and there are side-loading SIM and microSD slots. There’s also a mini-HDMI port, microUSB, a 1080p video 8MP back camera, and a front-facing camera. Some have speculated a SIM container could be for 4G LTE, though this seems unlikely. That SIM container is substantially for locking in your GSM information connectivity while on general adventures, not for achieving peppery 4G-goodness. Why?

There’d be no clarity in Motorola rising a phone any time shortly that, if it had 4G, would only be prosaic out better than a DROID BIONIC in many respects. It doesn’t take an MBA to comprehend that’d be bad for business, unless a DROID HD is a lot serve from recover than a photos would seem to indicate.

However, there is a “no SIM” presentation benefaction on a device – so who knows, it could be 4G. If it is, this thing creates a BIONIC demeanour like a brick, and would be a device value watchful for over that logging hulk that’s set to come out subsequent month.

Still, notwithstanding a apparent miss of acknowledgment on 4G, a HD is apparently no slouch, and is clearly directed during fighting a subsequent iPhone and Galaxy S II on a thinness and opening front, clearly foregoing Verizon’s massive 4G LTE radio to say a figure. There’s no information as to when we can design this phone to be released, though we can tone us meddlesome – really interested.


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