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Droid Bionic’s Full Retail Price Revealed

We’re still watchful for a Motorola Droid Bionic‘s pricing from Verizon. We have a flattering good feeling it’s going to be $299 on a new two-year agreement which, for many of you, is too expensive. But what about full sell pricing? We’ve listened $590 before though a sleuth from Phandroid has detected that that cost is going to be a genuine understanding when a Droid Bionic arrives, most expected on Sep 8th.

Buried within a DroidDoes.com Terms and Conditions page are several mentions of a Droid Bionic’s estimate sell value and a series trustworthy to those sum is $589.99. So, if we were looking to get this but signing your name over to Verizon for a integrate of years, you’re going to have to flare over some critical cash.

So, we’re looking during $300 with a agreement and $590 but one.  Too costly for many people so we can usually wish that retailers like Wirefly and Amazon offer it for a lot cheaper.

Droid Bionic

Droid Bionic

If we haven’t already, it competence be time to check out Verizon’s massive Droid Bionic ad campaign and see if we can win a giveaway one.

We’re flattering certain giveaway is a lot improved than violation a bank.

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