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DROID Bionic refurbish rolling out now, here’s a change log

We recently common some information per an arriving refurbish that was in a contrast proviso for a Motorola DROID Bionic though currently we can happy tell all we Bionic owners that a refurbish is prepared and rolling out now. Officially being pushed to a Verizon support page we have all a sum and a full change record below.

The refurbish should be attack inclination any time now and we can start by checking for updates right on your device as common by going into settings about phone and checking for updates. The refurbish is about 57 MB in distance and should usually take a few minutes. The refurbish isn’t anything vital like a final one, or move Ice Cream Sandwich though a change record does give us a few good ideas of what to expect.

Looking during a sum next we see tons of changes and improvements to fortitude — something Bionic owners have been tormented with. They’ve also updated battery life, audio and video while streaming over HDMI, bound some in-call audio interruptions and more. Then they privately discuss not usually phone stability, though information fortitude too. we know from initial palm knowledge a Bionic seems to dump information and for longer durations of time than many of my Verizon 4G LTE inclination laying around.

As common a few Verizon apps and bloatware have been combined or updates, though that is to be expected. The refurbish is rolling out in stages and should be alighting soon. Check out a change record picture next for all a details, and be certain to let us know once we get a refurbish how all goes. I’m meddlesome in those information tie improvements. If we are secure and are disturbed about loosing it give OTA RootKepper a try.

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