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Droid Bionic Update Après- Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich(ICS)

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Verizon is pulling out an refurbish to a Droid Bionic with glitch fixes and improvements. The chronicle of a upddate is 5.9.902.

Some of a many fascinating updates will be improved battery life, some-more fast connectivity and some-more fast software.

It is always a good thought to backup your information before loading a update.  The refurbish won’t download  if we are roaming.

You can check for a refurbish manually during Menu Settings About phone System updates.

It will take we approximately 10-30 mins to download a software, depending on network conditions.Once we download a software, a subsequent step is to implement it onto a device. Installation should take adult to 5-10 additional minutes.

You will be incompetent to make or accept calls, including puncture calls.

Device Features

  • Added support for National Plus Code Dialing.
  • Added support for Bluetooth® Personal Area Networks (PAN).
  • Receive content summary alerts while on voice calls but voice call interruption.
  • Improved audio while streaming video to a TV regulating a HDMI connection.
  • Improved Bluetooth audio when interconnected and connected to a device.
  • Improvements in device fortitude forestall black shade lockups, camera multi-shot lockups, idle resets,multimedia wharf lockups.
  • Device is enabled with a Wireless Alerting System.
  • Improvements in battery life. Data Connectivity.
  • Data connectivity and fortitude improvements.
  • Improvements in Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot download performance. Application Improvements .
  • YouTube videos will resume play from their prior plcae after pausing to entrance a Notification Panel.
  • Composing a Visual Voice Mail summary no longer mutes a voice call.
  • Messages saved with Visual Voice Mail will store to a SD label aim shown on a user interface.
  • Visual Voice Mail improvements for summary storage and deletion.
  • Play WAV audio files.
  •  The following apps are now preloaded: • Amazon MP3 • VCAST Apps Store

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