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Droid Bionic Specs Appear on Motorola Site, Quickly Pulled

Motorola posted a specs for a hotly expected Droid Bionic smartphone yesterday, yet afterwards fast private them from the page on a company’s site. A cached version of a page still exists, though, and it confirms what people watchful for a Bionic have famous for a while: a phone has capabilities that arguably best many tablets, let alone phones.

The spec page confirms a Bionic will have a Texas Instruments 1GHz OMAP4430 dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM (by comparison, a iPad 2 has usually 512MB of RAM). The shade measures 4.3 inches erratic with a fortitude of 960×540 pixels. The back camera is rated during 8 megapixels, while a front camera is VGA. It has an HDMI 1.4 outlay for mirroring a phone’s arrangement on a incomparable screen. It runs Android 2.3.4 “Gingerbread” and, oh yeah, it’s versed to run on Verizon‘s ultra-fast LTE information network.

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The page appears to have been posted by accident. Although a name for a phone is given as a “Droid Bionic XT865,” a print appears to be a general Motorola device. It seems clear, though, that a specs are authentic, given a Droid Bionic is so distant a usually phone to be versed with both 4G LTE connectivity and a dual-core processor.

As to because a specs were posted and pulled, Motorola didn’t contend when it responded to a query from PCMag. One rumored recover date for a Bionic was was Aug. 4, yet Motorola pronounced it was on lane to recover a Droid Bionic in September.

Rounding out a specs, a Bionic has 32GB of storage, that can be interconnected with a microSDHC label (potentially adding adult to 64GB more). The camera sports and LED peep and has 4x zoom. It supports playback of video adult to 1080p.

The Bionic was initial announced in Jan during CES, when PCMag got a first hands-on with a phone. Since afterwards it’s been strike with delays, and Verizon had to damp those watchful for it with a statement. A supposed leaked ad might have leaked a cost of a phone, pronounced to be $300. Unsure what all a bitch is about? Check out PCMag lead mobile researcher Sascha Segan’s “Why You May Want a Motorola Droid Bionic.”

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