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Droid Bionic soak exam coming; substantially won’t be Ice Cream Sandwich

Word around a inter webs says that Motorola is prepping a soak exam for an arriving refurbish to a Droid Bionic. But don’t go jumping around only yet, as we do not nonetheless know if this is a teenager refurbish or not.

While we certainly wish that this refurbish is somehow associated to Android 4.0, it only somehow seems unlikely. As a friends from Droid-Life mentioned, it is really expected that a Droid RAZR will see an Ice Cream Sandwich refurbish before any other Motorola device. This is not something that we are certain of, though.

This soak exam could also be associated to an refurbish that was being tested last month, that includes really teenager fixes. For now, let’s only lay parsimonious and wait for some-more sum to uncover up.

[Via Droid-Life]

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