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Droid Bionic, Samsung Infuse 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G & HTC Sensation …

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Canaccord has a expelled a total for Sep sales of smartphones.  Although a iPhone for isn’t tip place for both ATT and Verizon wireless android takes a cake during T-Mobile and Sprint with a 4G LTE Droid Bionic in tip place during Verizon wireless and a Samsung Infuse 4G, tip Android.  during ATT.  The full draft follows.

The Android smartphones have faster network entrance than a iPhone 4 though not as many prominence or popularity.  The tip smartphone makers are Apple, HTC, Motorola, Rim, and Samsung.

Let’s take a demeanour and see since a Android winners won marketplace share while there is usually on BlackBerry smartphone on a top-seller list.  It will be engaging to see what happens during Sprint after a iPhone is expelled in on a network.

Verizon Top Best Android:

Droid Bionic– this many awaited dual-core powerhouse perceived good reviews, hast 4G LTE entrance and will tide files wirelessly

  • Samsung Droid Charge – reviewers raved about a Super AMOLED touchscreen, good camera/camcorder and illusory 4G LTE speeds. Videos looked good and played smoothly.



Sprint Top Best Android:

  • Samsung Galaxy S II Samsung Epic 4G Touch – reviewers of a Samsung Epic Touch 4G all found some identical glorious facilities such as a a Super AMOLED 4.52″ touchscreen, glorious battery life, good-to-great camera, faster dual-core processor and good WiMAX information speeds.
  • HTC EVO 3D – reviewers favourite a dual-core processor, qHD (960 x 540) touchscreen, vast dedicated camera button, and gentle pattern of a HTC EVO 3D.  They questioned a need for 3D video recording and viewing.
  • Motorola Photon – reviewers of a Motorola Photon 4G  raved about a power, good audio/video playing, glorious call quality, tellurian voice/data roaming, touchscreen, media dock, HDMI mirroring to HDTV and quick information speeds.


ATT Top Best Android Other:

  • Samsung Infuse 4G – reviewers of a Samsung Infuse 4G favourite a Super AMOLED 4.5″ touchscreen, battery life, camera and thinness.
  • BlackBerry Torch 9810 – this BlackBerry is a inheritor to a BlackBerry Torch and is a lowest labelled BlackBerry OS7 smartphone from all carriers, labelled during $49.99 with a contract. It has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and does not need a vast information plan, since BlackBerry compresses day.

T-Mobile Top Best Android:

  • HTC Sensation 4G -The reviews of a HTC Sensation 4G have all been sensational.  Every reviewer we reviewed gave it Editor’s Choice.
  • myTouch 4G Slide – reviewers of a T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide found it to be an glorious choice for those who need a super quick smartphone with a keyboard on a T-Mobile network.
  • Samsung Vibrant – The Samsung Vibrant is a Samsung Galaxy S array phone from T-Mobile. The many praised facilities of a Samsung Vibrant are a super AMOLED touchscreen, pre-loaded party (Avatar film and SIM 3 game) and syncing abilities.




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