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Droid Bionic graduation starts with DroidDoes.com and DroidLanding

We’re removing really tighten to a launch of a prolonged behind Motorola Droid Bionic. The rumored Sep 8 launch might really good be loyal as promotions for a handset have now kicked off large time. An central Droid Bionic page has left live on DroidDoes.com along with a scavenger hunt arising on @DroidLanding.

In box you’re not familiar, @DroidLanding has been orchestrating tons of giveaways for any Droid launch, including a Droid X, X2, and a Charge. These giveaways are finished in a form of scavenger hunts, where we run around city following clues as to where a accumulate of Droid inclination could be hidden.

They are job this ARena, for Augmented Reality scavenger hunt where you’ll take your stream Android smartphone regulating an augmented reality focus to find your possess Droid Bionic. The eventuality has strictly kicked off currently with a initial video of clues shown on DroidDoes.com. The competition will run until Sep 7, that falls in line with a rumored Sep 8 launch.

Additionally, there’s word that an central Verizon product page for a Droid Bionic will be going live shortly here. But for right now, it might still be blank.

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