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Droid Bionic might describe Droid Charge meaningless on release

By: Alan Ng | May 25, 2011 | View Comments
More In: Cell Phone Information, Cell PhonesDroid Bionic competence describe Droid Charge meaningless on release

We’ve pronounced it before, though this Summer is going to be a really intriguing time for Verizon customers. The conduit is due to launch a rarely expected Droid Bionic smartphone as their subsequent 4G LTE able handset, and a recover competence be met with substantial annoy for those who have purchased a Droid Charge.

If this relates to we and we have usually purchased a recently expelled Droid Charge, we are substantially wondering if we done a right preference or not and if we usually bought a Charge as an incentive buy given it has 4G LTE capabilities.

There are apparently a good understanding of we who are really happy with a Droid Charge and will continue to be satisifed when a Droid Bionic is out, though we have a feeling that many of we will be feeling a bit undone that a recover window between a Droid Charge and Bionic is so narrow.

This is since on paper, a Droid Bionic trumps a Charge in a lot of areas. For starters a Charge is usually versed with a single-core 1Ghz A8 Cortex processor, though a Droid Bionic will be using on 1Ghz dual-core processor, that is apparently a outrageous difference. Next we have arrangement shade quality, and a Droid Bionic will be sporting a 4.3-inch qHD display, compared to a Charge that usually facilities a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display.

And there’s more. You’ll usually get Android 2.2 on a Charge, though a Droid Bionic will roughly really be versed with Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of a box when it releases this Summer. You’ll get a improved front-facing camera (1.3MP) on a Charge, though a Bionic creates adult for this with a dual-LED peep on a back, since a Charge usually has a singular LED flash.

So as we can see, a Droid Charge is really second best in a approach comparison with a Bionic. We don’t wish to be too oppressive on those that have already purchased a Charge, though after reading a sum about a two, we competence wish to try and sell your Charge for a Droid Bionic as shortly as possible.

As a Droid Charge owner, do we bewail shopping a handset with a Droid Bionic around a corner, or are we happy with your squeeze no matter what? Give us your thoughts on this Verizon ultimatum.

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  • The thing about carrying a droid charge is:  you already have your phone.  

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