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DROID Bionic Lapdocks Available Today Through DailySteals for $60

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If for some reason, we still find yourself in need of a Motorola Lapdock and possess a DROID Bionic, afterwards demeanour no serve than today’s understanding over during DailySteals. Since Motorola has radically killed a Lapdock now that former CEO Sanjay Jha is no longer in control, you’ll substantially find glow sales like this all over a internet. In fact, Verizon is peaceful to partial with them for $50 if we can find a store with any in stock.

I privately can't mount a Lapdock. we possess both a Bionic and RAZR versions and have found them to be totally obsolete for prolonged durations of time. The thought might have been good on paper, though a execution, like many Motorola products over a final integrate of years, was terrible. But again, if for some reason we can’t pierce on in life but carrying owned a Lapdock, currently is your day.


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