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Droid Bionic images leaked?

Motorola’s been leaking information like a separate lately, and a many new information to shun a company’s grasp are photos of what many are meditative is a long-awaited, long-delayed Droid Bionic 4G LTE phone unfailing for Verizon Wireless. The images, performed by a site MobileGearz, are reportedly of a arriving device that now sports an 8-megapixel camera on a behind with LED flash, and a ability to wharf into one of a Motorola Laptop Docks that ATT users could buy with a Atrix.

Whether or not a phone is indeed a Bionic is adult for grabs: a phone seems to have a shelf-like bottom mouth that’s usually seen on models with slide-out keyboards, like a Motorola Droid 3. At a same time, a rubberized bottom really says “Verizon 4G LTE” on it, so unless a Droid 3 will support a Laptop Dock and is a 4G device, it’s really a Bionic (unless a images themselves are fake, that is also a possibility.)

There’s not too most we can tell from a images aside from a laptop dock harmony and a 8-megapixel back camera. There’s also clearly a front-facing camera, and a phone is using Android Gingerbread (2.3) modded with Motorola‘s MotoBlur UI on tip of it, though that’s about it. A close-up of a camera shows us that it can fire HD video in 1080p, though that’s about all we know.

Where MobileGearz got a info is anyone’s guess, though one of a leaked images shows a request in a credentials printed in Chinese, so this might be a trickle from a production facility. There’s no word on either a Bionic defended a dual-core processor as good as a 4G LTE radio, though we’ll have to wait and find out when Motorola says something central about a device.

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