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Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Update Release Date Inches Closer

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It appears that another Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich trickle with minimal changes has emerged that means that an Ice Cream Sandwich recover date for a Droid Bionic has inched closer.

The refurbish has arrived by Droid Hive, pleasantness of Droid-Life, and it arrives as chronicle .299. The refurbish has a new heart series though not most else has changed.

Maybe Motorola was idle or maybe, usually maybe, a module is inching closer to a release, a recover that a association has promised in Q3 of this year. Q3 of march takes place during a months of July, Aug and Sep though if a module usually has minimal changes being made, it’s probable that Motorola is tighten to removing it to Verizon for a hurl out.

Last month, a initial Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich build leaked out. That build was 6.7.2231. Soon after, another build flush over during XDA-forums, and this build was a small newer and had some bug fixes aboard. We took that as a pointer that a refurbish was relocating brazen and today’s trickle seems to endorse that.

The second updatee also might hae brought a goodie with it in Motorola’s Smart Actions. According to Droid-Life, a refurbish brings a Smart Actions underline to a Motorola Droid Bionic.

Smart Actions allows users to automate tasks regulating a far-reaching operation of triggers. For example, users can module a phone to bond to Bluetooth headset when they get to work or change a ringtone volume for a specific person.

The app can be see in movement in a video below:

Read: How To Best Use The Motorola Smart Actions App.

As we have pronounced before, usually those with endless believe of ROMs and flashing ROMs should peep this update. Those who are not good lerned in a art should reason off for a central update, which, seems to have usually gotten closer to rolling out.

Here’s to anticipating that it rolls out in July.

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  1. Jim Barr says:

    I flashed a leaked chronicle .2233, and it is unequivocally amazing. it’s like removing a new phone. Yes, so most is informed from GB, though ICS usually brings it to a new level. WiFi connectivity is most faster, 4G is solid, and a combined facilities like Smart Actions turn it out nicely. It has been really stable, battery life has increased, and all usually seems a bit peppier. If a recover is anything like .2233, Verizon will have many, many happy customers.

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