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Droid Bionic gets sign-up screen, though no recover date

The Droid Bionic! Well, it’s on a setting during least. We know this for dual reasons: First there was a Best Buy promo advertisement, published by a folks during This Is My Next, that betrothed an “all-powerful, unstoppable machine,” fueled by a “ferocious force of Verizon 4G LTE.” (LTE being a next-generation network approaching to be rolled out to 175 cities by a finish of a year.)

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Then late final week, Verizon published a Droid Bionic sign-up page, brief on details, though liberally emblazoned with that informed black and red design. Still no petrify recover date, though afterwards again, such is a approach of a Droid Bionic, that weathered a severely herky-jerk start. The phone was initial denounced approach behind in January, during a Consumer Electronics Show.

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It looked like a genuine powerhouse, from a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor to a 4.3-inch HD screen. But in April, Motorola announced it was loitering a recover of a Bionic until this summer. “Based on constrained feedback given a show, we are incorporating several enhancements to make this an even softened consumer experience,” Motorola reps pronounced in a statement. “This includes stretched features, functionality and an softened form factor.”

So what was behind a delay? At a time, Clint Boulton of eWeek speculated that it might have had something to do with the HTC Thunderbolt, a initial to run on a Verizon LTE. “Possibly, HTC’s Thunderbolt… gave Motorola some pause, or maybe a Droid Bionic was too identical to a existent Motorola Atrix 4G on ATT, that also runs Android 2.2 and offers a qHD screen,” Boulton wrote.

In associated news, Motorola this month sensitively launched a Droid 3, that gets 3G though not 4G LTE capability. The handset has recently intermediate to softly certain reviews. “All considered, a Droid 3 simply takes a mark toward a tip of Verizon‘s stream smartphone lineup,” JR Raphael writes over during Computerworld. “If we wish a phone with a keyboard and don’t mind blank 4G, a Droid 3 is a clever choice to consider.”

Or we could only wait for a Bionic.

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