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Droid Bionic Could Be Left in a Dust by AT&T’s Latest 4G LTE Smartphone

Recent information speed contrast formula prove that ATT‘s 4G LTE Network powered smartphones will perform improved than a Droid Bionic being expelled after this year.

Motorola’s Droid Bionic, powered by a Verizon 4G LTE wireless network, is best famous for quick bandwidth speeds. This is what done it hang out as a personality in a smartphone industry. However, this might really good not be a box when Verizon releases a Motorola smartphone to a universe after this year. In a recent information speed study achieved by ATT‘s Research Labs, their new 4G LTE network constructed download speeds of scarcely 29 Mbps and upload speeds of scarcely 11 Mbps, that totally blows Verizon‘s 4G LTE use out of a water.

Does that meant we should cancel your VZW agreement and go over to a ATT side where a weed always seems to be greener? No. The ONLY approach to justify that network is quicker than a other is to use both of them in mixed locations all over a U.S. Some experts are wavering to put too most batch in a speed exam that was conducted by ATT, a association who has a vested seductiveness in saying their possess 4G LTE network succeed. With smartphones, speed is huge, though it isn’t a usually critical feature. Coverage and affordability might really good be a last factors for users who switch carriers.

Photo Credit: “Droid Bionic” by James Junior

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