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Droid Bionic Augmented Reality scavenger hunt ARena App released

The Droid Bionic is set to launch on Sep 8 and in a days heading adult to a release, fervent fans will get a possibility to win their possess Droid Bionic by participating in a scavenger hunt. The eventuality was only initiated yesterday on DroidDoes.com and @DroidLanding, though currently a protracted existence app compulsory to follow a clues has been released. It’s called ARena and can be downloaded from a Android Market.

The scavenger hunt will start in only over dual days, so we still have some time to download a app and get prepared. To start, we should review all a sum and instructions on DroidDoes.com and watch a next video to get an thought of what’s involved. You’ll be using around city with your stream Android device with a ARena app commissioned perplexing to find dark prizes nearby.

The prizes embody 16 Droid Bionic handsets, 4 40-inch LED HDTVs, 4 Motorola XOOM tablets, 4 laptops, and 4 video-streaming Quadcopters. You will have 30 mins per diversion to lane down a esteem and we can play adult to 48 times a day for a 4 days of a scavenger hunt. There will be a sum of 16 winners with 4 from any day, so good luck!

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